violetta_crisis (violetta_crisis) wrote,

Am I going to UAF demo tomorrow?

Against: I'm not sure that protests and demos really convince anyone of anything. The only message people get is "Here's a protesting rabble of jobless loudmouths".

For: According to who? The usual Have Your Say / Daily Mail commenters maybe, and they'll downplay and belittle any campaign.

Against: I definitely don't want members of the EDL to come to harm. We have to be more civilised and understanding than them or we're just giving them ammo. We can't have anything that looks like Britain's coming apart at the seams.

For: So the more pacifists there the better, surely?

Against: There must be something more original we can do, with a message that'll appeal to borderline BNP supporters.

For: But what? And until then, are you just going to sit at home reading about street battles in 1920s Hamburg?

Against: I'm small and scared.

For: Fucking get over it you wuss.
Tags: defeatism, extremism, politics

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