December 5th, 2008

cartoon, sleeping which I reveal my most shameful secrets

Unsubstatiated theory (and a something of a rambling one): It could well be that when I listen to a piece of music, I'm often not listening to what's actually playing, but some other version of the song that's playing in my head. Or it could just be that I remember music badly if I'm not concentrating.

For years Whole of the moon by The Waterboys has been at the top of the "Songs I love but don't own" list. I never thought it was a masterpiece but I liked the sentiment, the emotion conveyed by the singer, the absorbing repetitiveness of it, and the depth of the arrangement. So imagine my disappointment when I found it on YouTube and discovered that it's really a kid on a £9 keyboard trying to play Come on Eileen to drown out the sound of uptight father berating flighty mother in the kitchen. I must have only ever heard it on tinny radios and over loudspeakers in supermarkets and imagined subtlety and layers of emotion that weren't really present*.

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