November 3rd, 2009

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My Life: The Soundtrack

Technically I don't have time for this but I have two flimsy justifications to hand:

1. I'm making pea soup with dried peas that are... 6 years past their best before date. I can't go to the library until they're soft enough to eat, and they've already been boiling for nearly 90 mins.
2. I haven't posted anything here for ages and need to kick-start the blogging. This seems an easy (if self-indulgent) way and hopefully more worthwhile and interesting posts will begin to flow.

So then, the method is explained fully over at Pop Sensation and similar ideas have been pinging about Facebook etc. for a while. The following list is the product of shuffling my "good stuff" playlist, which excludes all the sample RP telephone calls and business negotiations I use for teaching. I don't consider this to be cheating.

Violetta Crisis: The Soundtrack
Opening credits:Live Forever - OasisA very optimistic point of view and a very good song.
Waking up: Waterloo Sunset - The KinksIsn't there a film where someone wakes up to this? It's a great opening riff to start your day with.
First day of school:Sorted for E's and Whizz - PulpHmmm. Well there was none of that at my C of E primary school but I guess it clearly conveys the general bewildered wanting-to-call-your-mother feeling.
Falling in love:If I ever lose my faith in you - StingThere are dozens of songs I've listened too obsessively whilst falling in love. This was never one of them.
Breaking up:Bitch - Meredith BrooksYes, yes I was.
Prom:Go let it out - OasisI always hated school / uni discos. In this scene, I'm relaxing in the grounds with an illicit bottle of vodka.
Mental breakdown:When Logics Die - SoulwaxPerfect!
Driving:Rip her to Shreds - BlondieI don't drive, but this is a good song for stomping about angrily to.
Flashback:Half the lies you tell aren't true - The StereophonicsOooh, a resentful flashback
Getting back together:The Time is Now - Moloko (orig. album, not the remix)Appropriate lyrics and not at all sappy.
Wedding:Love and Affection - Joan ArmatradingIncredibly that's the one of three real possibilities. The others are "Dancing in the Moonlight" by Thin Lizzy or "Ava Adore" by The Smashing Pumpkins.
Birth of child:Common People - PulpIt had to be on the soundtrack somewhere, but why here?
Final battle:C'mon People - Paul McCartney...which I listen to when battling my own apathy. Not a bad choice.
Death scene:Shiver - ColdplayMy favourite Coldplay song, but far too uplifting to die to.
Funeral song:Save Tonight - Eagle-eye CherryWell now you're just taking the...
End credits:Hazy Shade of Winter - The BanglesI'm seeing... skeletal trees and swooping shots of a fog-filled Lake District.

Personally, I'd have swapped the beginning and end credits (having been born in the middle of winter), and played Boston's "More than a feeling" at the prom (cheesy, but it has to be done) and Pink Floyd's "Fearless" at the funeral.
I now need to pick out a good song for a "essay-planning montage with music". Or I could waste less time and actually do the bloody work. Hmmm.