January 7th, 2010

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Amazon Tag Agendas

I've found a new game - it involves the one of the strangest features of the internet age, namely people who think that the tags assigned to Amazon products are somehow an appropriate platform for either their political views or sense of humour. I feel a bit bad that so much effort is attracting so little attention, so have decided to add another form of time-wasting to the mix.

The aim: find the book with the highest number of point-scoring tags.
A point-scoring tag is one which has been added with the sole purpose of expressing a point of view and / or making a joke, and which cannot be said to group books together in a useful manner.

For example, I count 2 definites on Mein Kampf, and a couple of possibles which would require a panel of impartial judges:

However, this is clearly trumped by The Communist Manifesto, which has around 20:

Communist Manifesto Amazon tags

As it's the thought that counts with this game, similar terms don't have to only count as one. I'm a little unsure on what to do about 'firedman' though - could come in handy in a tie-break situation.

So those are the rules. There's nothing more for me to say except: ACTIVATE!